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What is the difference between the Imagine Team? Imagine Plan? Imagine Foundation? IMAGINE TEAM told us what is wrong. IMAGINE PLAN tells us what to do about it. IMAGINE FOUNDATION reimburses portions of the expenses related to the plan. ​In 2017 the OPRF Board of Education created the Imagine OPRF Work Group. This 40-person, citizen-led committee was tasked with assessing OPRF’s facility needs and creating a comprehensive, long-term plan to address them.  The Imagine Work Group’s rigorous 17-month research process was student-centered, needs-driven, and equity-focused. It emphasized listening to stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, and community—and experts as it prioritized facilities needs and devised solutions. The resulting Imagine Plan includes renovation and rebuilding of significant parts of OPRF while prioritizing facilities that directly affect student learning, effective instruction, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. A Master Facilities Plan ensures investments made to solve problems today do not, literally, get in the way of solving problems later. The Plan is organized into five phases. The school is fully functional after each, so the District can spread financing over a decade or more. Building one phase does not obligate the school to build later phases.

What is included in Project 2? New PE Spaces: 3-court gymnasium  Dance/multipurpose gym Aquatics facility  Boys, girls, and all-gender/single-occupancy locker rooms Weight room ADA-compliant elevator  Adaptive gym  Commons space for students and spectators PE and Athletics offices  New Performing Arts Spaces: Boys, girls, and all-gender/single occupancy dressing rooms Costume shop and storage Prop shop and storage Additional Improvements: Green Room expansion and renovation New green roof system  Infrastructure for solar panels and geothermal heating and cooling system

How is Project 2 funded? $44.2M D200 cash reserves $45.3M D200 borrowing $12.5M Imagine Foundation philanthropy

Is my donation tax-deductible? Yes! The Imagine Foundation is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and your donations are tax-deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Our tax ID # is 84-1987439. For giving options, please navigate to our "Donate" webpage for details.

Has the Foundation actually raised any funds yet? When will OPRF receive funds from the Foundation? Our campaign fundraising goal is $15 million. As of July, 2024, the Imagine Foundation has raised $10 million through signed, multi-year gift agreements, grants, and cash gifts. The Imagine Foundation distributes funds as they are received and accumulated in the form of a grant check. All Foundation grants are reimbursements for work attributed specifically to Project 2.

It's just a building! Why do facility upgrades matter? Research shows the quality of physical school environments has a profound effect on teacher recruitment and retention, as well as impact on student behavior, health, overall learning, and academic achievement (Penn State, 2015).

I already pay a lot in property taxes, why should I give a donation? The truth is, you don't have to. The Foundation exists for those who want to do more. Any individual who gives at any level sends a strong message to OPRF students that they are worthy of our investment and valued members of our shared communities. Supporting the Imagine Plan with philanthropic gifts will help put D200 in a strong position to finance future Imagine projects, advance the timeline of the Imagine Plan, and show the students of OPRF they can depend on their community when it matters most.

They're tearing down a huge section of the building, how does this affect classes and activities? D200 staff and leadership has approved a plan which accommodates all curricular and extra-curricular activities throughout the duration of the project. When weather-appropriate, some classes will be held outside, the west pool will still be in use, and the field house is still accessible. D200 has an ongoing partnership with the Park District of Oak Park to use Ridgeland Commons for some physical education classes and use of the softball field. Diving will continue to be located at Riverside-Brookfield high school until Project 2 is completed.

How is ADA accessibility being addressed? All of the spaces addressed in the Imagine Plan will be in compliance with The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). In Project 1, two compliant elevators were added or renovated. In Project 2, one compliant elevator will be added. Various ramps have been added or reconfigured to meet ADA standards. Classroom furniture in new and renovated rooms has been selected to accommodate all physical abilities and needs.

I don't have children attending the high school and I am not an alumni myself. Why should I support this project? OPRF High School is a community cornerstone. Not only do the highly-qualified faculty and staff educate our students, the school is key to keeping our community diverse and making our villages desirable to families. With a strong and healthy high school, housing values are positively affected, small businesses can thrive, and the many other nonprofit organizations in our area have support to provide their important services. Investing in OPRF is a win-win for everyone!

What will be included in Projects 3, 4 and 5? Performing Arts take center stage in Project 3. The Imagine Plan calls for replacing the southwest corner of OPRF with new, larger band, chorus, and orchestra spaces as well as a new black box theatre and stagecraft workshop. Wrestling, gymnastics, cardio, and adaptive gyms round out Project 3. Academics and adminstrative offices are at the heart of Project 4. Classroom and lab renovations will continue and additional administration offices move to the center of the building for easy access and improved school security. The field house gets full attention in Project 5. The middle of the south end of OPRF will be replaced with a new competition gym, field house, and 200 meter indoor track. New classrooms and additional classroom renovations bring the Imagine Plan to completion.

I am unable to make a donation at this time but want to support the Imagine Foundation. How else can I help? Time, talents, and networks are all vital contributions to help us raise the necessary funds to support the Imagine Plan. Please navigate to the "Support" page on our website which lists various ways you can be involved.

How is the Foundation governed? The Imagine Foundation is led by a team of dedicated board members who provide direction and oversight as well as contribute financially to support our mission. Our full-time professional staff consists of an Executive Director, Chief Development Officer, and Development Coordinator. All staff are primarily focused on fundraising, community outreach, and advocacy. We have also recently formed an Advisory Council and Associate Board in addition to our long-standing Campaign Steering Committee, members of which have been instrumental in helping us connect to supporters. For more information, please navigate to our "About Us" webpage.

For more project-specific questions, please check OPRF High School's Facilities Master Plan page:



If you have a question that isn't answered here, please let us know!

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