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Imagine Project 2

Replacing overcrowded, inflexible, and outdated Physical Education facilities
to meet student needs today and tomorrow.

The Imagine Plan calls for the second project to replace a significant portion of the century-old Physical Education spaces where virtually all students learn daily.  The Imagine Group’s research exposed the many ways these facilities are insufficient, inflexible, overcrowded, and outdated.  They no longer meet students’ needs.


Project 2 will tear down the southeast corner of the existing building (east of the field house) and replace it with a new five-level Physical Education (PE) facility (four stories plus basement).  In addition to serving as classrooms during the day, most spaces will be used before and after school for extracurricular activities.  That is also true of the Performing Arts Green Room and associated spaces that are renovated, expanded, and replaced in Project 2.



The Board of Education has approved Project 2. Construction will begin in summer 2024 and conclude by summer 2026.



$102 Million



Funding will be a public-private collaboration with three elements: D200 cash reserves, D200 borrowing, and Imagine Foundation philanthropy

Major Elements:

  • New 3-court gymnasium for PE and competition*

  • New dance/multipurpose gym

  • New aquatics facility with a single pool (25 yards x 40 yards) to replace both existing pools

  • New boys, girls, and all-gender locker rooms

  • New weight room

  • New Performing Arts dressing rooms, costume storage/shop, and prop storage/shop

  • Expansion and upgrades to Performing Arts green room & rehearsal space

  • New ADA-compliant elevator for the south end

  • Renovated and expanded athletic trainers’ treatment room

  • New PE classrooms for self-defense, yoga, and other classroom  instruction

  • New Student Commons for students and spectators

  • Renovated multipurpose gym for wrestling

  • New PE and Athletics offices, meeting space, and storage

  • New green roof system to manage stormwater runoff

  • Infrastructure for solar panels 

  • Geothermal heating and cooling system

* This new PE/competition gym is in addition to the current Field House competition space.  It is designed to become one end of a 200-meter indoor track in Project 5.
Sequencing: Project 2 must be completed early in the Plan because it adds more than 40,000 square feet to the building. This is large enough to house all activities currently in the replaced area and several currently housed in the west side of the building. In Project 3, that vacated west space will become home to Performing Arts programs. 

Project 2 remedies three of the most urgent needs the Imagine Group identified:
the failing century-old pools, lack of an ADA-compliant elevator (south),
and the 50+ year-old boys’ locker rooms.
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