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Imagine Project 1

Renovating and replacing outdated facilities to create modern, collaborative, and accessible learning spaces in a more welcoming school.

The Imagine Plan called for the first project to create a welcoming and safe hub in the heart of the building where students can gather, collaborate, and study before, during, and after the school day. The focus was on modernizing learning environments and making the school more welcoming, accessible, and secure, by renovating and replacing outdated facilities that did not meet the needs of 21st Century learning.



Constructed 2020-2021 (except where noted) 



$40 Million



Funded entirely from D200 cash reserves

Major Elements:

  • New Student Resource Center (Library, Tutoring Center, Maker Space, IT desk) 

  • New South Cafeteria  

  • Renovated and expanded Student Commons (student study, collaboration, gathering space)

  • Renovated & expanded Welcome Center (a more welcoming, secure main entrance) 

  • New classrooms and science laboratories (to infill old library space) 

  • Renovation and expansion of Special Education TEAM classrooms/spaces 

  • Renovation of 60+ general classrooms and science labs – ongoing through summer 2023

  • New all-gender bathrooms on all floors of the north end

  • New ADA-compliant elevator in center of building

  • Renovation of elevator in north end of building to make it ADA-compliant 

  • Tennis courts fully rebuilt after being used for construction staging 

  • New storage basement under South Cafeteria

  • New Driver Education classrooms

Sequencing:  Project 1 was built first because it enables future work by adding 27,000+ square feet to the building. It addressed issues of student safety and community, and remedied one of the most urgent needs the Imagine Group identified: spaces for the Special Education TEAM program.

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