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Imagine Project Overview

Renovation and rebuilding for improved safety, sustainability, and student learning.

In 2017 the OPRF Board of Education created the Imagine OPRF Work Group. This 40-person, citizen-led committee was tasked with assessing OPRF’s facility needs and creating a comprehensive, long-term plan to address them.  The Imagine Work Group’s rigorous 16-month research process was student-centered, needs-driven, and equity-focused. It emphasized listening to stakeholders—students, faculty, staff, and community—and experts as it prioritized facilities needs and devised solutions.


The resulting Imagine Plan includes renovation and rebuilding of significant parts of OPRF while prioritizing facilities that directly affect student learning, effective instruction, efficiency, safety, and sustainability. It is a strategy for ensuring that investments made to solve problems today do not, literally, get in the way of solving problems later. 


The Plan is organized into five phases. The school is fully functional after each, so the District can spread financing over a decade or more. Building one phase does not obligate the school to build later phases.

Greenlit Projects


Project 1
  • New Student Resource Center & South Cafeteria

  • 70+ new and renovated classrooms and laboratories

  • Renovated and expanded Student Commons & Welcome Center

  • Constructed 2020-2021 (with final classroom renovations in summer 2023)

  • Funded with D200 cash reserves


Track & Field Project
  • New 400-meter track on campus

  • Renovate South Field (multiple sports, including baseball) and Ridgeland Commons (softball)

  • Expand facilities sharing with Park District

  • ConstructionSpring 2023 - Winter 2024

  • Funded with D200 cash reserves and Imagine Foundation philanthropy

Project in Planning


Project 2
  • Replace southeast corner of OPRF with new, expanded physical education spaces

  • Renovate some performing arts (Theatre) spaces

  • Construction: Summer 2024 - January 2026 (Tentative date, pending final financing plan)

  • Funded with public-private partnership: D200 cash reserves, borrowing and Imagine Foundation philanthropy


Future Projects Made Possible by Projects 1 & 2


Project 3

Replace southwest corner of OPRF with new, larger performing arts and physical education spaces


Project 4

Classroom and laboratory renovations; relocate administration offices to improve security and create space for new classrooms/laboratories


Project 5

Replace middle of south end with new competition gym, field house, and classrooms; additional classroom renovations

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